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Thank you for visiting Southern Acrylics. We offer a comprehensive range of Perspex and Acrylic sheets from the top manufacturers both here and in Europe. With over 100 different colours of acrylic available from stock, we have grouped them together as follows to make it easier to find the colour you need.

Clear Acrylic is a cast acrylic and available in thicknesses 0.5mm 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm, 3mm 4mm, and 5mm,  along with 6mm,8mm and 10mm.  

Coloured Acrylic here you will find the Primary, Secondary and Tertiary coloured acrylic in 3mm cast acrylic sheets, All with a gloss finish to both faces.

Colour Tint range of Acrylic is a 3mm cast acrylic available in Green, Blue, Yellow, RedAmber and Smoked Glass. This acrylic allows light to pass through so that objects behind can be distinctly seen but adds the beautiful dimension of colour.

Metallic range of Acrylic sheets has been specially sourced for their stunning appearance, designed around the metals of Rose GoldSpace Grey, Gold, Silver, Bronze and Copper but with the addition of a Metallic Black. Gold & Silver available in 5mm. The metallic gloss finish is to both faces.

The Pastel Range of Acrylic sheets from Perspex cover the full range of pastel colours and we stock all eight colours, Lemon Bonbon, Orange Fizz, Raspberry Sherbert, Spearmint Green, Candy Floss, Bubble Gum Blue, Parma VioletSour grape. and new to the Range Coral Candy. These sheets are a 3mm cast acrylic with a unique gloss finish to one face and a satin finish to the other.

Satin Frost Acrylic sheets are translucent, semi-transparent, allowing light, but not the detailed shapes, to pass through. We are adding to this range all the time but currently stock a Frosted Clear, Frosted White, Glacier Green, Arctic Blue, Azure Blue, Lime Zest, Blush Pink, Chilli Red, Stone Grey, Slate Grey, Purple Frost and Mandarin Orange. These have a frosted finish to both faces and are a 3mm cast acrylic.

Matte Finish Range, designed to simulate the earthy tones and velvety texture of nature. Desert Beige, Mineral Grey, Ash Grey, Walnut Brown. A Matte White Acrylic and a Matte Black Acrylic are also available. These have a satin finish to both faces and are a 3mm cast acrylic.

Fluorescent Acrylic sheets are vibrant and etch beautifully, they come in an Acid Green, Helios Yellow, Neptune Blue, Lava Orange, Mars Red and Passion Pink. They have a gloss finish to both faces and are a 3mm cast acrylic.

Acrylic Discs is where you will find all our colours available as discs., ranging from 100mm diameter up to 900mm. All our acrylic is laser cut so we are not limited to just discs, we can produce any shape you would like, just send us an email with your requirement.

Black Acrylic Sheets and Discs is where we gather all the blacks from across the ranges into one place. Black Gloss in 0.5mm, 1mm, 2mm3mm and 5mm sheets, Matte Black, Metallic Black and also an Infra-Red Black Gloss Acrylic in 0.5mm1mm, 2mm, 3mm & 5mm allows light from the Infra-Red wavelength range to pass through.

White Acrylic Sheets has all our white acrylic, with a White Gloss available in 2mm, 3mm and 5mm, a 3mm Matte White Acrylic a  Frosted White Acrylic and Ivory 133.

LED LightBox Acrylic is a 3mm cast acrylic from Perspex 1TL2 is optimised to work with white LED lights with an improved diffusion of light and elimination of LED 'hotspots'

Mirror Acrylic, Our range includes Gold, Silver, Bronze, Grey & beautiful Rose Gold Mirror used to create stunning displays for Weddings and Special Events and to add a touch of class to any point of sale stand.

Gemini, A new range of colours including Anthracite Grey Acrylic, Silver Grey, Slate Brown and Dolomite White with a dual Satin and Gloss finish in one product.

All acrylic orders are cut on our laser machine and if ordered before 12 noon, are normally dispatched the same day (except weekends) All orders include Free P&P  so no nasty shocks at the checkout. If you cannot find exactly what you need please get in touch, if we can help we will.  

Laser Cutting and Etching In addition to our retail section, we also offer a range of services, laser cutting and etching, CNC milling for 3D projects and engraving, hand polishing, flame polishing and fabrication. All CAD files and design work is done in-house which enables us to be efficient and adaptable as we work on projects. All enquiries are very welcome from one-off projects to batch production, we can help with all the stages, from conception, perhaps just a simple sketch, through to the finished component. 


Laser Cutting and Etching

Laser Cutting and Etching

Laser Cutting and Laser Etching Services specialising in Acrylic, CAD Files, friendly & efficient service.

CNC Router Services

CNC Router Services

CNC Router Services for 3D Projects including CAD Files and Design, specialising in Acrylic.