CNC Router Services

CNC Router Services

Welcome to our CNC Router Section.

Sometimes the limitations of a Laser Machine allow our CNC Router Service to come into its own.

We are pleased to offer a complete range of CNC Profiling and Engraving services to all our customers whether it is to produce a single prototype, a custom design or engraving, through to production runs. Although we specialize in working with acrylic we are able to work with a range of materials.

With our comprehensive range of software, we can work with most file types or you can use our in-house CAD service, where we will create your design for you, working from sketches, templates or photographs.

All projects are initially quoted and will cover all aspects of the work, the design if required, materials, machine time and delivery.

A set of proofs will be produced to finalise the design, this may take just the one or perhaps many, but we are happy to work through this process with you, to get it right.

Finally, the component will be produced, packaged and dispatched.

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Please contact us with details of your project on 01234 355149 or email

For 2D projects sometimes our Laser Cutting Service can be more cost-effective.